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Thirty Sunsets EP

by Charlie Rayne

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Laura's Song 03:02
kisses on a public bench timid spanish stuttered french we tumbled like an avalanche to your apartment a flat mate’s knock upon the door the neighbors laura keep it low costumes piled up on the floor shoes on the carpet dali cracking jokes in the kitchen as we made love in the next room my eyes are red my heart is itchin' laura did it have to bloom? audrey hepburn on the shelf sally quietly mending herself don talking to rf we lay in bed till dawn with your pillow full of pins the beatles and the little prince and I sang love on my 4 strings two policemen looking on dylan smoking on september leonard cohen gracing july it’s friday I’m in love remember? laura did it have to die? I left your crooked smile in spain I’ve walked a hundred miles of pain and my heart’s discolored by your memory’s stain like a ghost in natural colors you went by this stranger’s mind there’s not a petal left from saturn’s flowers laura you were never mine
I was so mean yes and just as obscene as a dream that never comes true I didn't mean to be cruel babe but I was a fool babe I thought you'd be the one to get through you think that I'm crazy for being so lazy and I think that you're crazy for that you just run around and rush in the end don't do much except feeding your stupid cat so slow it down babe let go of your crown babe or you'll die soon and that's a fact when I left my concerns to sag and to burn I guess that you just stayed behind I couldn't bear a shackle a weight on my back or someone to cloud up my mind if you insist babe I'll give you a kiss babe but this is all don't ask for more for I won't be around I don't want to be around a clown a snake a bore so take your heavy bags your heels and your rags and don't be shy to take the door for I loved you back when the truth was concealed but the shooting star landed that dream has ended and now honey you're just something real I could love you and hold you touch you ah kiss you if you promise that we'll be apart you ask how we'd do it honey don't be stupid we can do it all from afar so goodbye for now babe don't cry so loud babe it won't be enough to change my heart
The Sun Rose 03:58
waiting on the honey hill-tops for the evening sky to fall to catch the cheshire moon before it dissolves into the sun a sudden wind blows and send me off the frowning face of the earth and hurls me to the stars a-floatin' flyin' off a kite of birds the colors of the ocean sky melt on my eyelids all around and I unfold the curling edge of the parchment and claim this crown and it rolls out like a magic carpet reeling out the dust of years before and I strike the gong with a pastel brush dispatching endless love to every soul and I wait for a love that is rightful to show me all the beauty there’s to see a love I know my heart would die for but still I am a lonesome as can be I gather weeping stars and planets and watch thirty sunsets every day I water a lonely rose and watch its petals call for an embrace my tears add to the morning dew my sighs rise up to mist the clouds and the pretty rose beats in my chest and the music wraps around us like a shroud and just as the stars had planned it the volcanoes erupt as we run to the other side of the planet to climb a rainbow and be swallowed by the sun the moon tips with silver all the rooftops in the sour streets where rich men glide on diamond rugs and poor men crawl on crystal dreams and like broken bits of sparkle the laughing stars shiver in the sky and it rains down confetti on the land of tears as shadows walk on by
Blue Eyes 02:57
is it loneliness its pathetic cries or is it love’s honest clutch the brightness of her ocean eyes or the lightning in her touch I told myself I wouldn’t chase the whimsical winds of my heart and that I’d learn from my mistakes but here I am back at the start falling falling all the while I lay with you I was shivering nervous and scared I know I should have just kissed you sorry I just didn’t dare you see my heart’s been known to split like a train derailed from its track now is all I’ve got to give if that’s alright then love me back blue eyes blue eyes
come on sally mae give me the key to your hidden velvet gate I'll make you happy for a while take me by the hand and I promise that I'll meet all your demands I just want to make you smile come on sally mae tuck the curls of your dirty hair away I've missed you since we've been apart blow that candle out close the curtain start the timer turn around your eager eyes have slain my heart I'll tell you now what I was told the truthful hearts they count for nothing find your comfort from the cold in the bright red-colored loving come on sally mae show me all the tricks of love you learned today all you're capable of don't sit around and wait honey you know I only got till half past eight it's not negotiable love come on sally mae grant the subterranean thrills that you got saved your cheap taste of paradise and if you do your hour I just might spoil myself and buy you flowers to go with your muddy eyes I'll tell you now what I have learned don't revel in the heart you've captured the love you give won't be returned so find a love that's manufactured come on sally mae don't you know I'm only here because I paid see I get lonely too so do your part my darling and I promise I won't be here in the morning if you don't want me to goodnight love


released January 3, 2013

all songs written and performed by Charlie Rayne
recorded on cassette and mixed by Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios
produced by Charlie Rayne, Fadi Tabbal and Serge Yared
cover art by Cynthia-Maria Aramouni


all rights reserved



Charlie Rayne بيروت, Lebanon

Now making music as Interbellum: interbellum.bandcamp.com

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